Judge’s Criteria

Judging Criteria for the Final Round

For those artists and songs whose successful advocacy and song popularity during the Open Round earns them a trip to the Final Round, the judges will be personally listening to each song and rating it according to the following criteria. These criteria will naturally be both subjective and vary by judge, whose discretionary judgment will be final and not subject to appeal.

  • The song has a central theme relating to the fundamental issues of human freedom.
  • The song expresses the theme in an original, authentic, impactful way.
  • The song arouses a genuine, beneficial response from the listener.
  • The song has commercial potential.

We expect that there will be too many great songs to recognize them all with awards. But just making it to the Final Round will ensure that your song is carefully listened to and rated by the judges. So the better you are at activating your fans to get engaged in the prevention of human trafficking, the more likely your song will be heard by someone in the Final Round who can make a difference in your music career!